New Year, New Start

You may have noticed that I’ve updated the site appearance again and I’m getting ready to finally get back to work on several projects.

Next year will be a fresh start for Otaku Blaze and this new site design (aptly named Twenty-Fourteen) is only a small piece of what’s to come.

The BlazeCast will be taking centre attention, so that will be the first piece to show off the new graphics.  We do have several projects in the works, however these will take time so please have some patience.

Some of our older videos will be getting replaced with better versions made from scratch (mainly so we don’t have to worry about them being removed for some reason).

And lastly, Let’s Play Neptunia mk2 WILL happen.


If you wish to help support us, please head to our RedBubble store and think about buying something.  We do only gain a small amount from each item sold but it does help.  I’ll be sure to add new designs when I can ;)

Alternatively, if you wish to hire me (Karto) for graphic design work, then check out my dA page for information

Announcement: Broken Blip Videos

In an annoying turn of events, Blip has decided to delete at least mine & Nate’s accounts (possibly also the OtakuComms stuff too).  Because of this we are trying to think of workarounds to get the videos up on other sites.

  • The Tron Bonne & Smash Bros LP’s have already been switched to their youtube versions as full playlists (just like how Neptunia is set), the Shadow Trilogy however needs certain parts uploading before we can fix it.
  • The Report videos are all being removed and replaced with new, improved versions,
  • The early Blazecast videos (the first 12 regular podcasts & several outlooks & reviews) require editing before we can do anything with them but even then they will be lucky to see a re-upload of any sort.
  • The OBThroughs MAY reappear as audio only, but again I can’t be certain,
  • Nate’s is thinking about what he can do before making any decisions,

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