Otaku Blaze Top50 Vocaloid Songs

Inspired by all the comments I’ve had on my top5 Miku Hatsune & Vocaloid songs.
I’m determined to find which Vocaloid song is the most popular & in order to do that I need suggestions.
If you want to have your say you MUST follow these rules
Failure to do so will result in your picks being null & void.
1. You can only vote for up to 5 songs.
2. They cannot be remixes, choruses or covers of existing songs or other vocaloid songs (eg Rin&Len’s version of Love is War).
3. Don’t pick a song just because it has a cool PV
4. Don’t multi-post, this is to make counting easier. Make sure all your picks are in a single post.
5. All Vocaloids are allowed but don’t include UTAU songs (If you include one in your picks, it will be a wasted vote).
6. Please use the English title of the song

7 thoughts on “Otaku Blaze Top50 Vocaloid Songs”

  1. 5: Rolling Girl – Hatsune Miku
    4: Madness of Duke Venomania – Kamui Gakupo
    3: Imitation Black – Kamui Gakupo, KAITO, and Len Kagamine
    2: Two Faced Lovers – Hatsune Miku
    1: World’s End Dancehall – Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka

    Also, my friends would like to vote for –
    Twilight Homicide – MEIKO
    Remote Control – Rin and Len Kagamine
    Bullet for Prisoner – Megurine Luka
    Kokoro Kiseki – Rin and Len Kagamine
    Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder – Len Kagamine

  2. 1 – Evening Cafe Studio – Gumi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XHcOJS8Axs
    2 – There – Hatsune Miku + Kagamine Len http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU-xKDTAjm0 (This isn’t a remix, despite the title.)
    3 – Beautiful Dreamer – Luka http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnHbOTHNoik
    4 – Chocolate Bear – Gumi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhhXmiv1hqc
    5 – Alice – Hatsune Miku http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmA56YpUcho

    They’re rather obscure songs so I included links for those who want to listen, hope you guys don’t mind.

  3. 1. Madness of Miss Venomania-Luka (and a lot of other vocaloid girls, no UTAU)
    2. Matryoshka-GUMI and Miku
    3. Luka Luka Night Fever-Luka
    4. SPICE!-Len
    5. Meltdown-Rin

    Tried to add variety…. There is really a lot of amazing vocaloid songs but for now.., those are the choices I guess ^^

  4. My List

    5. World Is Mine-Hatsune Miku
    4.Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder-Kagamine Len
    3. Melt-Hatsune Miku
    2. Kokoro-Kagamine Rin
    1. Romeo And Cinderella-Hatsune Miku

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