G@AA: March 2011

ZiZi’s reason
“When Shadow the Hedgehog was announced, I, just like every other huge Sonic fan at the time, could not stand the wait! When SEGA released the English opening to it, one of my good friends and I downloaded the opening video and just played it over and over and over and over again until we both had the song completely memorized. To this day, I still remember all the words even though other Sonic songs I used to have memorized I stumble over. I choose I Am…(All of Me) because it reminds me of a time when I actually had hopes for Sonic. Sadly, even after what seemed like years of waiting, I finally got my $50 shiny, brand-new copy of Shadow the Hedgehog for Gamecube the day it came out, I was highly dissapointed. For me, that was when Sonic really started going downhill. However, after seeing Sonic Colors in action, I do believe Sonic is finally making a comeback! 🙂 (And according to me Shadow the Hedgehog still has one of the best game OSTs ever.)”


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