BlazeCast 05: Will You Hug The Monitor?

Show - BlazeCast

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One thought on “BlazeCast 05: Will You Hug The Monitor?”

  1. Yes – it definately is being a bloody git to simply showcase a Xenoblade contest to win 2 games that are unavailable in another country to be won, moreso to make it one rubs it further in the face of non-European gamers by making a Video Gameplay contest so that they can see what they have missed out on. As a UK Gamer, while it’s justified to a minor extent that the games being not available to US Gamers (as there have been games in the US which were either not released in Europe such as Xenosaga Vol 1 + Vol 3) plus games which were delayed to an extent (Chrono Trigger not getting a English release til the GBA Version outside the US). Still, it was over the line completely to do this.

    I’ll would have to say – watching Railgun first has spoiled you, given the slow pace of Index, it’s better to watch/read Index alongside it as imo it seems to make more sense

    Railgun, as a whole was created as a spinoff series to be able to be enjoyed without any prior knowledge of Index hence why the overall greater action content. While it could be considered a “prequel” series in some aspects, it’s closer to a sidestory series that shows greater depth to Academy City while giving support to background characters. As of now – it doesn’t intersect with Index as such, should the next major arc be animated it will start connecting as such.

    Index: Regretably, seems more lackluster at first – the problem being aggravated by the fact that notable parts of the novels are either altered or outright cut out leaving plot holes or making it differcult to understand terminology with any explanations. Touma’s lack of Interest stems from this issue as a lot of his thoughts/motivations are not shown making it seem as if he’s stumbling through the story itself. Unfortunatly, the only real way to learn this stuff it to read the Light Novels.

    Index Hat?! – Score. Pajamas: Pretty Nice. Daimakura: ….SQUEEE *shifty-eyes* *coughcoughi’lltake1kaoripleasecoughcough* *shifty-eyes* It’s purely for warmth 😛

    As for the overenthusiastic otaku issue, I see as a soft of incoming train wreck issue you have on your hands in that you know that it’s coming and can’t help but watch to look but still can’t get rid of the urge to look away since it feels off on some mental level.

    Indeed, when it comes to localization of Anime, the issue is that sometimes you have the problem of not being faithful to the original script – meaning you lose meaning or even relavent plots points. Conversely, on the other hand – : being too faithful means you have references to things that don’t really occur in the countries it’s being brought out to, or as you stated – the lack of emotion in the English language script due to actors not picking up emotional nuances that are not physcially stated but are context sensitive like having a rougher voice while being angry etc.

    So overall the Angel Beats dub is Techinally good, just that it was a mischoice on the adaption teams part to choose not to alter the script to attempt to bring forth the emotion to the scenes instead basically just switching lines in for the old voice track instead of putting any real effort into understanding the various conversations.

    On the VA’s themselves, The only one i’ve seen any previous work of was Greg Ayres, where I was pretty satisfied with his Calculated tone as Hiwitari Satoshi in DNAngel.

    I’ve personally not run into many Dub Titles where I can approve of the overall VA crew and the way it was translated, however the Original Full Metal Alchemist and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex are in that small pile.

    Thankfully, I believe as the older generation of VA’s are phasing out – the overall quality of Dubbed titles are slowly getting better.

    The Sailor Moon Anime Dub fills me with much conflicting emotions, as it likely does to other fans – as one of the earliest anime to be viable airtime it was likely a great number of people’s first introduction to the anime world itself and shaped them ingraving itself as a fond memory that people never want to change, regardless of how bad it is when looked over again much further into the future.
    As much as nostalgia wants it to stay as it is, a redo like Dragonball Kai would be ripe for the series now – I however would like to see more however, like a full up to this current decade quality remake to bring people back.

    I’ll admit to the fact that most Male Fans have watched at least on “Girly” anime series, some (such as myself) will watch it on a dare to see how much you can endure before you feel like breaking down – others because there’s something that appeals to them and the last faction often as part of a group action with a sister/female fan/girlfriend etc.

    The Cardcaptors anime did seem balanced, genderwise seemingly perfect for Children to watch due to the editing cutting out “uneccesary” parts out.

    The ’90’s anime seems good as the anime industry was just beginning outside Japan meaning they HAD to be good overwise the stuff would never sell possibly dooming the companies who had gone through the troubles or Liscensing, hiring a new VA cast and more just to attempt to sell a new product and gain the credibility in order to for people to say that they liked it and wanted more.

    The Yu-Gi-Oh series(s) in general have tended to go up and down in quality, moreso due to the changing focus in audience, Season 1 being developed for kids to young teens, then sliding slightly down that line for GX (minus the Part 4 that was never dubbed which rose it closer to mid-teens) to 5D’s that was definately aimed at teens to young adults wtih the techno-style and more Pop/Rock tracks (having seen only Season 1 of the Dubbed I cannot say much for its soundtrack) and now to Zexal which seems to slide back to GX-era but may find a slot between the 2 previous series.

    Zexal being pronouced “Zeck-Zal” is awefully close to crossing the line truthfully into other connotations which only a little change though.

    Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! being liscensed by Sentai Filmworks isn’t surprising truthfully as it’s a Visual Novel adaption and Sentai was got a history of going for them in that aspect. Getting The World God Only Knows (aka Kami Nomi zo Shiro Sekai) is a major surprise since I too expected Funamation to obtain the rights to it

    Bomb-diggity? ahahaha One of the memorable bits the translated Balmung from the .hack franchise has going for him.

    On a final note – only took me 2 weeks to get all 4 of the original PS2 .hack games 😀

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