OtakuWEEN ’11 Crossover Commentary pt2

Show - OtakuCommentary Regular Comms

Yes, you read that right part 2 is here but you may want to read on before watching.

The main reason this video has taken so long is that this commentary is CURSED. First we tried recording it for New Year’s like planned but family matters forced us to cancel that idea, then our personal lives kept us busy up until the summer when we finally recorded it. However during the recording, our skype signals continually dropped, videos froze & we were always stopping & starting. We did finish it but for some reason, no matter what I tried, the audio never came out right & by this point I was getting so annoyed I was thinking about dropping the entire second half.
Thankfully I didn’t & we all decided to redo the comm for this years OtakuWEEN, but once again we got problems. First Hunter’s video stops halfway through, followed by Zizi & Preston’s not long before the end.
As I felt we would never truly get this video done I chose to continue till the end, creating the video below. I’m sorry if this was not what you were expecting but sadly, it’s the best it’s gonna get.

I should also note, we’ve wisely decided never to do crossovers on movies any more.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/iIljgtvCbgA?p=1 width=”622″ height=”380″]


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