Happy New Year

Hey there everyone.

First I’d just like to say thanks for the support over the last year, especially as it was quite hard to get new content out.  Hopefully, that won’t be the case for 2012.

You may have noticed the new look for the site as well as the re-organization of videos.  From now on everything posted on this site is either part of Otaku Blaze or G@MERS, just use the drop down menu to see for yourself 😉
All the site graphics have been updated, taking us back to the simple style we used to have.

Though the biggest change is right below this post, as I teased on twitter, we have a new team of contributors. Nretsew, Red Mage & Pika, collectively known as Team SNAP have joined us as Anime & Gaming reviews. They’re hoping to bring out a new video each week, so the site should be a lot more active than last year. Though not to be outdone by the newbies, Zizi & Preston are also trying to bring out a new video weekly, so expect more crazy commentaries throughout 2012.

We’ll also be doing special monthly events throughout the year, iM@S month will be starting shortly & we’re also planning one called “Blast from the Past”.

If you don’t want to miss any new content, as well as any news, be sure to follow me on twitter @karto1989

So from all of us at Otaku Blaze, happy new year.


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