Juneberry: Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

Basic Plot & Introduction
Daimon Kaito is a genius teenager who loves puzzles, and will do pretty much anything to solve one once he’s started it, earning the title of ‘Einstein’. After participating in an underground maze that turns out to be dangerous, he unexpectedly makes a pact with an artifact known as the ‘orpheus armlet’. Soon after, Kaito is pursued by an organization named the P.O.G., who want to use him as a Phi Brain to help solve the ‘Puzzle of God’. Challenged over and over along with his friends to life-threatening puzzles, it will take more than just his quick wit and the aid of the mysterious armlet to protect himself and those around him. With danger at every corner and an unexpected end at every start, Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle has quite a lot of mystery, action and excitement.

The characters in Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle are colorful and well expressed throughout the series. Each character has distinctly memorable traits and aids to the story in their own way, both for serious drama and a good touch of humor. Though the overall antagonist group has many participants, many of which only show up for one episode total, the group’s general personality is clear and distinct, and is easy to both hate and yet find intriguing. There are secrets even within the organization, and this leads to some very unique details later on- and the main troublesome character is quite easy to be uncomfortable with, while his relation with others makes him all the more interesting.

The anime’s soundtrack is very easy to enjoy, aiding the mood of scenes while not taking too much away. The opening and ending, which stay the same throughout all 25 episodes, are very in-tune with the show and have animation footage that reminds us of some very basic things about the series all its own.

The animation in the series is well done. It flows smoothly, and character proportions are done well. Facial expressions are very enjoyable and understandable, and the backgrounds and puzzles are all done in simply intricate and thought-out ways. Lighting is not an issue, and all scenes are done without sudden changes that would take away from the show. The insert in the middle is also well done, and helps calm the nerves to prepare yourself for the second half if something troublesome is brewing.

Overall Feelings
It’s partially episodic nature is more fun to watch in order, and you’ll need to keep a good eye on what’s happening. I’m going to admit now, this anime did scare me a number of times because I became so attached to the characters- after all, many of the puzzles have dangerous points and possibilities. However, while those serious moments were there and inevitable, there were humorous times to level it out and make it much easier to watch even in succession. Trying to solve the puzzles could be fun, but not exactly easy- I personally don’t bother to try, because the storyline keeps me too intrigued to peel myself away for a moment. But, it’s up to a viewer’s discretion, I’d assume.

Where You Can Watch It and Final Rating
The series can be found on Crunchyroll, and is currently well into the second season.
I would recommend this series as a buy, if one can do so.


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