Juneberry: Recorder to Randoseru

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Basic Plot & Introduction
Recorder to Randoseru follows the lives of the Miyagawa siblings, Atsumi and Atsushi, as well as the various people in their lives. Atsushi is a 5th grader who is abnormally big for his age, and is often mistaken for an adult. His older sister, the high schooler Atsumi, is overly small and mistaken as a grade schooler. The anime takes a look at this unique pairs life in short, three minute episodes, each of which is generally separate. As with most episodic shows such as this, it isn’t required to watch in order, but you can get to know things about the characters and their interactions more easily if you do watch that way.

The characters in Recorder to Randoseru are colorful and intrinsic. Atsumi, for example, is a very responsible teenager, but has a clear issue with her small stature. Atsushi is a very playful young boy, and doesn’t really understand why he gets mistaken as an adult and arrested just for playing with the girls in his class outside school. Add in Atsumi’s classmate that ends up mistaking Atsushi for a neighbor and falling in love with him, the actual neighbor who can’t hold a job and gives Atsushi strange things as hand-me-downs as well as awkward information, as well as various others in this colorful cast, and you’re in for some majorly interesting hijinks.

Each season of the series has a single ending, but there are no opening songs for Recorder to Randsell. The songs are very bright and cheery, generally, adding to the comedic feel. The insert music is well layed out and doesn’t take away from the situations that are happening, but often reflects it to add effect. The series is well done in this aspect.

The animation is subtle and keeps itself in a regular fashion- you won’t see any changes in the character’s proportions, but you will get a keen sense for the movements from various additions. Certain movements are given a slightly more dominant effect than needed, but it might be considered to add to the characters that it involves. There are spots where the animation type for movements changes to be slightly more abnormal, but it’s for comedic effect and doesn’t take away.

Overall Feelings
I’m going to admit right now that I have rewatched this series quite a number of times. No matter how many times I’ve watched this series, I always end up laughing at various moments. It’s easy to watch since each episode is so short. It’s easy to attach to the characters despite this factor, and the show is a great way to unwind after a hard day. I also like that the start of each episode includes a character/group of characters from the show introducing that the show is going to start- it makes it clear and it tends to have a cute way of doing it. It only changes once in a while, then sticks to the new way, then changes. Somehow, the change does make it feel more fresh though.

Finding and Rating
The series can be found on Crunchyroll, and is currently well into the second season. I would recommend this series as a buy, as it is easy to rewatch over and over and still enjoy the comedy of it.


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