Juneberry: Phi Brain Season 2

Show - Juneberry

Basic Plot & Introduction
Phi Brain Season 2 continues to follow Kaito, a young boy with magnificent ability with solving puzzles. After his difficulties in the first season, Kaito no longer wields the Orpheus armlet. His friendship with Rook, the head of the P.O.G., is back as a friend and helps as an ally sporadically throughout the season, along with various others. However, there’s a new threat to the livelihood of Kaito and his friends: the Orpheus Order, a group who claims to want to free humanity from its current state by giving it the abilities of the Phi Brain through trinkets similar to Kaito’s broken Orpheus armlet.

Our main protagonists include Kaito and his friends from the first season, as well as old enemies from the P.O.G.. The antagonists are a group called the Orpheus order, who include people once again from Kaito’s past, all twisted by replica Orpheus rings. As time goes on, those defeated become ally’s- however, some of the threat is much more evil than it seems. As usual, the character set is vibrant in personality- ranging from the seemingly carefree Melancholy of the Orpheus order, to her gentle-mannered ‘friend’ Mizerka. As is a slightly common trait in Phi Brain, most of the characters from the Orpheus Order are named from puzzles of various kinds. However, just as the puzzles are deadly, the people who play them are just as difficult to decipher.

The music in Phi Brain is a well done soundtrack. It blends in to keep the story as the front, and the opening and ending work well to keep you entertained. The songs can be a bit entrancing, or at least I personally found that to be the case- I often found myself singing it even after the show was over, while mulling over contemplation of what might happen next in the story. The music is chosen carefully and is indulging, but leaves you plenty of room to pay heed during the show.

The animation in Phi Brain is fairly well done. The colors used at various points helps to keep the theme of the segment, and the interlude in the middle is done nicely and helps keep you from being too overwhelmed. Characters remain the same and move fluidly throughout the series, and facial expressions remain very interesting and helpful. The technology used in the show is continually drawn well, and is intricate without being difficult to comprehend. Overall, the animation is very nice.

Overall Feelings
Phi Brain is just getting better and better, in my opinion. The story continues to be driving and the characters grow more and more intricate as the story moves along. It’s a great show, and if you follow it carefully, you can keep your mind active too.

Where to Watch and Final Rating
You can watch Phi Brain on Crunchyroll. Season 2 is already finished, and Season 3 is supposed to start in Spring next year. Definitely a buy in my opinion, if you have the option.


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