Juneberry: Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

Show - Juneberry

Basic Plot & Introduction
The very basic premise of Poyo is that it is a series of three-minute episodes that vary in how much they relate to each other, all revolving around the unique Sato family and their equally unique cat, Poyo, who was found one day by the daughter of the house. The show is generally comedic and cute, and has an uplifting nature, even though some episodes can be quite confusing and not seem to go anywhere.

The cast is very unique in that while everyone is very, very similar, their differences tend to be drastic. While the main cast includes the extremely round cat Poyo and his family, the Satos, various other pets and people are brought in as well, varying in personality to a degree, yet all having something in common when animals relate. The simple yet vibrant personalities make for hilarity and entertaining moments.

The opening to Poyo is short and catchy, and the general music in the show doesn’t take away from the situations, but is still noticeable enough so that it doesn’t seem too quiet. Sound effects blend in well with the music as well.

Poyo uses a mix of animation methods in terms of art style ranging from slightly complex to a bit simple at times, but the character designs remain noticeable and recognizable, and the general movements and such are fluid. It generally uses more light colors, trying to push it’s cute and happy appeal, but does have times where it uses darker moments. It uses a lot of comic marks, but it seems to add to the appeal. The inserts for time changes vary slightly and are simple and cute, and don’t distract too much from the general situations.

Overall Feelings
I personally tend to watch Poyo after watching anything else that may disturb me, or when I’m in a state where I really need to just get my mind off things and laugh. Poyo is the type of show that you can fit into a busy schedule to help lighten your mood, and it really seems to work well. It is a great stress relief, and you don’t necessarily have to watch in order.

Where to Watch and Final Rating
You can watch Poyopoyo on Crunchyroll, but I would definitely rate this as a buy personally. I’ve re-watched this series over three times, and it has yet to fail my expectations.


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