Juneberry: Shin Sekai Yori (From The New World) — Episodes 1-13

Show - Juneberry

Basic Plot & Introduction
Shin Sekai Yori is a somewhat complicated tale about five children who grow up in a world where people are born with ‘Power’- telekinesis, to be exact. As they live their lives now in the ‘Unified Class’, their daily lives are full of mysterious things and some very dark secrets that they may unveil about their society. The purifying flame can reveal their power, but one must wonder if it isn’t a bit extreme.

The characters in Shin Sekai Yori are generally well developed. Due to a massive time skip part way through, the designs change suddenly, but it isn’t too hard to get used to. The most notable characters include the five kids: Saki, Satoru, Shun, Maria and Mamoru. Other notable characters include the various races of creatures, such as Monster Rats, many of whom serve humans in colonies. The character designs are intriguing, and the personalities are easy to relate to in most aspects.

I must admit, I think the thing that draws me into Shin Sekai Yori most is the music. It flows well with the situations, making the eerie parts even more so, and generally keeping you spooked when you should be. There’s no opening song, but the ending song is a wonderful tune.

The animation is fairly smooth and well laid out. Animation of the various creatures is quite alluring, and the use of color helps aid the mood quite a bit. The way the interlude in the middle is done varies sometimes, but it is never overwhelming. The animation for the ending theme is especially intriguing, done in a very unique style.

Overall Feelings
The show is overall interesting. The characters are good, and the music and animation make it fun. However, the plot itself has points where it’s a bit difficult to comprehend. Things sometimes jump back and forth suddenly, but it doesn’t usually take to long to get back into the groove of things. Besides that issue, it’s a great series for those seeking something a bit more eerie.

Where to Watch and Final Rating
You can find it streaming on Crunchyroll. Personal rating is Rent, but others might think otherwise.


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