IDKWYGWT!?: Fantasista Doll 6-Episode Interval Review

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We’re officially 6 episodes in, and Summer looks like it’ll be Summer of Magical Girls because we have three, and I mean THREE magical girl shows that I plan to review. Let’s start with the first one for this series: Fantasista Doll!

The Story So Far

Uzume Uno, our hapless protagonist, is just trying to get by in her high school life (No surprise there) when she accidentally binds herself into a contract on a Samsung Galaxy 4– I mean a magical device used to summon these magical girls known as Fantasista Dolls. She gets attacked by Kagami Totori, but after a quick tutorial by Sasara, she manages to defend herself and defeat Kagami, obtaining her card.
Sasara reveals that she does have many other ‘sisters’, in the form of Katia (the resident small girl), Shimeji (the resident conflicted yet dumb one), Akari (the resident goth loli) and Madeleine (the resident voice of reason and source of cleavage).

Down the line, Sasara and Uzume get into an argument. Sasara, obviously unhappy with her Master’s actions (delaying Manai’s invitation, lying about liking scary movies etc), decides to yell at her and as such leads into said argument. After yet again beating more dolls in the abandoned building they were in, Uzume tussles with Manai, finding out that she too is a Doll Master, and defeats her, only to realize that she had been brainwashed.

Episode 3 is all about Madeleine and her devotion to try to help Uzume only to just annoy the living crap out of her, forcing her to get Sasara and the gang to lock her up inside the device. Meanwhile, Uzume and Manai decides to locate the person who brainwashed Manai. Turns out, the person happens to be another doll trying to get herself away from her Master, an abusive man by the name of Kira (No, not THAT Kira). However, it was a trap to lead Uzume and Manai right into Kira’s hands to try and steal all her cards. Uzume beats the dolls no problem and Kira fleas.

Episode 4 continues the Pathetic Prince saga with Kira almost destroying his own doll, but Uzume uses a one-time recovery card to bring her back to life. Episode 5 could almost be considered filler, even though it’s related to Katia and her chance meeting with Uzume’s sister. The recently aired Episode 6 starts Akari’s story, testing the Doll’s loyalty to her current master.

What I Like So Far

1. Animations

Particularly for most of the fight scenes that have happened so far, I truly loved the transformations, the matrix-like clothes change and of course the actual fights.

2. Humor

Surprisingly enough, even though it’s your typical run-of-the-mill magical girl show, I REALLY loved the mischief and humor in this series. I really started enjoying the lighthearted parts of the show, even if it is just hanging out, slice of life or stuff like that. Particularly in episode 3 with Madeleine and Uzume.

3. The Message

Every episode so far always had a message that carried the show. Most magical girl shows have this, and Fantasista Doll is no different. In fact, the messages in every episode are akin to another magical girl show I liked, Futari wa Pretty Cure and its subsequent 10 seasons.

What I Don’t Like So Far


Okay, harp at me all you want for this one, because plot almost seems non-existent in magical girl shows (Precure is not excluded from this list), but there was actual PLOT in the first 2-3 episodes, which then dropped off at episode 5. WHY? You had some sort of good story with this huge organization and you’re just gonna drop it to do something else? Come on.

2. Lack of Character Connectivity

Okay, let me be specific about this ‘character interaction’. This means that there’s not one character you can pin yourself with for this show. I still haven’t found mind. Is that really a BAD thing? Not really, but the fact that this sort of thing exists for this anime proves that the characters haven’t done enough or are just not likeable enough yet. I mean, for me, I tried to connect myself with Sasara to no avail, she just hadn’t done enough to make me connect with her.

Rating So Far

Rent headed towards Bin. Although it is a good magical girl anime, it hasn’t hit the mark for me.

What I Expect From The Latter Half of This Show

Gimme somebody that I can like goddammit!


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