IDKWYGWT?!: Futari wa Milky Holmes 6 Episode Interval Review

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Oh dear, we’ve passed 6 episodes. CURSE YOU PROCRASTI-NATION!

Anyways, it’s about time I tackled the 6-episode review of Futari wa Milky Holmes, the… I think, SPIN-OFF series to the critically acclaimed Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. And I have to say I ENJOY the hell out of Futari wa Milky Holmes. So, very quickly, I’m going to give you my Interval review of this show!

The Story So Far

Two young girls, Alice Myojingawa and Kazumi Tokiwa, are two young budding detectives when a fateful encounter with the Phantom Thieves turns them into the new detective duo, The Feathers. Highly inspired by Milky Holmes, they set out to take on Color the Phantom, a new group of Phantom Thieves.

As of episode 6, it is revealed that Alice’s father is Visconte, a legendary Phantom Thief who has returned to action after 10 years.

What I Liked So Far

1. Zero Cute Factor

What I mean with this is that there is LITTLE whimsicality in Futari wa Milky Holmes than in the previous two seasons. They threw that out the window and focused more on story and action, and that is what I liked about the show.

2. Enemies Within

The fact that you know that Alice’s brother is the leader of Color the Phantom and Alice’s father is in fact Visconte, the legendary phantom thief, is ironic considering Alice is a Detective. So this makes the plot a hell lot more interesting. Speaking of plot…

3. The Plot


And a well refined one too.

What I Didn’t Like So Far

1. Pacing

It’s just all over the place. I mean, yeah you’ve got a few things here and then a fight there, but the pacing is just rubbish.

Rating So Far

Rent it if you don’t like a serious Milky Holmes, otherwise buy.

Expected from the Latter Half of the Show

An all out showdown between Alice, Alice’s brother and Alice’s father.


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