IDKWYGWT?!: Sora’s Top 10 Anime of the Fall (Warning: May Contain Spoilers)

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Aaaaall right, it’s that time of the season. Time to rate my top 10 animes of the recently ended fall season. The Fall is EASILY the season where I watched some of the best animes I’ve watched in a long time, so it’s harder to pick the best out of all and make this top 10.

A couple of rules though:

1) The anime must have finished this season, so no Kill la Kill, Log Horizon or Strike the Blood… as much as I wanted to.

2) I must have watched the anime, so no, My Teen Love Romantic Comedy SNAFU or Outbreak Company is in this list… to the surprise of nobody.

That being said, here’s Sora’s Top 10 Anime of the Fall Season!


All right, I can hear the pitchforks already being sharpened. Before you knock down my door and shank me, hear me out.

By no means is Infinite Stratos 2 the better season (I enjoyed Season 1 a hell lot better), not to mention there were some gigantic plot-holes left behind in Season 2.

The reason this show is being thrown into the number 10 spot is because despite having a gaping plot-hole AND some really questionable scenes, the show had a bit of a charm going for it. Looking past the fanservice, the padding amongst other things, you can capture the true essence of the (attempted) plot they were going for. Sure, I’d like to have a few questions answered myself, like who is Orimura Medaka, or what are Phantom Task’s real goals.

The introductions of the Tatenashi sisters, Sarashiki and Kanzashi, were welcome additions to the already convoluted IS crew, but all-in-all this will show that beyond fanservice, there is an actual plot to be uncovered.

Just, well, pretty hard to find is all.

NUMBER 9: Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

I know what you’re thinking. ‘What the hell, Sora, two fanservice shows in a row? You slumdog!’ Again, hear me out.

Yes, in the Fall review I did bash the living crap out of this anime, partly because the people who made this anime also did Queen’s Gate… so I was MORE than expecting fanservice up the butt that would be borderline hentai.

I didn’t get ANY of that.

What I got was an anime about an Idol who joins Pro Wrestling to prove herself that she can do something she’s not used to and through hardships be able to come out on top and be good at that thing.

Yes, I was shocked too.

Not only did I get an anime that wasn’t filled to the brim with fanservice, I got an anime that had a progressive storyline, good characters, a shock at episode 10 and lastly, focuses on the one thing that advertised the anime: WRESTLING… or SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT if you wanna be all WWE about it.

The best part was the end of episode 10, when Blue Panther was revealed to be Sakura’s best friend and also former Idol, Elena. The match that occurred during episode 11 and 12 was simply breathtaking. Give this show a watch.

NUMBER 8: Diabolik Lovers

Hey look. Fanservice… for the girls this time. LIEK…

Diabolik Lovers is an interesting beast. It’s an anime with 6 brothers and a hapless female protagonist. These 6 brothers are vampires.


The story is interesting to say the least. The girl, Komori Yui, just wants to find out more about this sextet of brothers. She also finds a few truths and a few other little secrets as to why she moved in with these brothers. But you may be asking why I decided to watch this anime.

Because I wanted to see the main female lead be abused and used by the 6 brothers without the use of sex… What, stop looking at me like that.



Hear me out, seriously.

Yes, despite the fact that Walkure Romanze is an anime about women who enjoy jousting and horses and there’s that guy over there who’s in the middle of a crossroad, this anime admitted to itself that, yes, it was a fanservice heavy anime. Looking past all that, the story is pretty amazing. It’s about a guy and a girl who has nothing to do when the girl accidentally bumps into another girl and gets challenged to a joust. Realizing that the girl likes this world of jousting, she joins in the Summer Tournament.

And shit immediately hits the fan.

Seriously, give the show a chance.

NUMBER6: Blazblue Alter Memory

It’s no secret that I am terrible at the Blazblue games. In fact, I suck at them, and can only play as a (crap) Noel and a (scrubby) Tsubaki.

Nonetheless, the anime retells the stories of Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift and Chronophantasma in 13 episodes. How you ask?

How should I know really I mean I don’t make animes.

Basically this is an entire summary of all three games. The visuals are stunning, the character development is pretty sublime (especially between Jin Kisaragi and Bang Shishigami) and the fight scenes are what you’d expect from a fighting game turned anime. If you’re interested, give it a go I say.

NUMBER 5: Unbreakable Machine Doll

Now if the entire world was critical about things then the world would be a boring place, so let’s be positive for a second. At least the anime gave me 10 seconds before shoving EXPOSITION IN MY FACE.

Well then again, as you do.

This anime is excellent in the action and exposition part. A good balance between the two with a few jokes thrown in… okay, a LOT of jokes thrown in. Mostly in regards to the main lead being a complete pervert. I wouldn’t say this is a fanservice heavy anime, but my only complaint is that they force the sexual jokes a bit too much, albeit they’re still pretty funny when executed right.

See, it’s okay to throw in a sexual joke WHEN IT’S TIMED RIGHT *COUGHCOUGHFREEZINGVIBRATION*

NUMBER 4: Non Non Biyori

Are you even surprised at this point that a Slice of Life anime made it on the upper parts of this list. (Actually I was surprised, I didn’t think this was gonna be so good)

A big city girl moves into the countryside and enrolls in a school with only one classroom and 4 other students and a teacher. This results in endless adventures with these students involved, including a kid, a pair of sisters and a brother.

Now this doesn’t seem like much but let’s not forget. This was the same company that made WataMote, so it has to be good. And yeah, it was good. The humor was well directed and the characters kinda grew on me. Especially Renge, she’s just cute.

Unfortunately she has to grow up another few years before she can make it into the Waifu List.

NUMBER 3: Galilei Donna

Yes, I harped on this one too during the review. It was ridiculous to think that these 3 girls are Galileo Galilei’s descendants.

And yeah, they ARE.

The 3 girls are marked as criminals after an evil conglomerate wants to get something that is theirs, the Galileo Tesoro. What happens next, the youngest of the sisters launches her ship shaped like a goldfish and sets off across the world. Her new task was to find the clues to the Galileo Tesoro. Everything after that, you’ll have to see to believe.

I loved watching this show because I wanted to see the interaction between the sisters, Hazuki, Hozuki and Kazuki, and how they’d deal with being hunted down. The story was grand as usual, the characters were funny and the action was breathtaking. It was a shame this anime was only kept to 11 episodes. I wanted to see more of the Air Pirates, they were cool.

NUMBER 2: Kyoukai no Kanata

The entirety of my feelings for this anime can be summed up in one video:

This anime, also known as Feels Train the Anime, was actually pretty damn awesome. Loveable characters, a strict storyline to balance out whimsicality and pretty stunning action sequences. Not much else you can expect from Kyoto Animation, quite possibly my favorite animation company.

If you haven’t seen this anime, you need to. Just, uh, be wary of fetishes and feels moments.


NUMBER 1: Coppelion

This is the most AWESOME anime I’ve ever seen in my entire life! The concept was simple, 3 girls who are immune to nuclear waste go into a city filled with nuclear waste and saves people. Not to mention, these are the 3 most badass girls in the world! The side characters were really well played out, the villains were great villains and the action was well done in my book.

I was excited for more of this every week and I’m glad in ended on a high. I HIGHLY recommend all of ya’ll watch this.

Well, that’s my top 10 list for the fall anime of 2013. What were your top 10 anime of the fall? Leave a comment!

In the meantime, stay frosty gentlemen and ladies.


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