IDKWYGWT!?: First Impressions – Absolute Duo

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Okay so like I wasn’t going to expect much out of this because it had a lot of vibes coming off of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance (Fighting, a harem, etc).

Right off the bat they threw EVERYTHING out the window and just went “Person who wins gets to enroll in the academy!”. Wow, if our country had that then we’d have a higher unemployment rate ._.

So the main character is Kokonoe Tooru, a guy whose Blaze is a shield– wait lemme explain. A Blaze is the manifestation of the soul and creates a weapon, created through the use of Luciful. This guy’s weapon is a shield, and as such he’s the Irregular at Magic Academy.

And off the bat he beats a girl wielding a sword and that girl is TOTALLY NOT GOING TO BE IMPORTANT AT ANY POINT IN THIS SHOW.

So anyways, the school works on a Duo system, and those who graduate are recruited by the Dawn Agency, whose employees work in Duos. These Duos are always together no matter what. I may have accidentally triggered an ero scenr out of that.

So he gets paired up in a Temporary Duo with a girl named Julie Sigtuna… good name 10/10. She’s the first girl Tooru saw in the first few screens after the opening theme song. At first she doesn’t really speak to Tooru and in fact just stares at him throughout.

But she immediately decides to use the Mashiro Shiina technique and almost tries to have sex with him!

Actually no she’s just curious about some tecnique that Tooru used. In the end they’ll get along juuuuust fine and no trouble will befall them whatsoever.

Wow the sarcasm level in this First Impression is high.

In seriousness, I’ll stick Absolute Duo in my to-watch list. If not I’ll give it another 2 episodes before I decide.


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