IDKWYGWT!?: First Impressions – Kantai Collection the Anime

Show - IDKWYGWT!? Reviews

Ah yes, finally, the anime that we’ve ALL been waiting for is finally here and now we can sit back, relax and enjoy the show. I mean this anime had been delayed for a whole season so we can expect it to be good since they delayed it… right?


In the year 20XX, war has begun-

Wait, no, wrong prologue.

So the Abyssal Fleets are causing some unknown havoc to mankind and the only people that can stop them are the Fleet Girls. And for some reason it’s led by Haruna, The Big Show (Kirishima, standing at 6’2″), Best Boat (Atago <3) and 3 others whom I don’t actually know the names of.

Oh right I should mention you’re at a huge disadvantage if you’ve never played the game. Like me!

And then we see Nagato and Mutsu playing Battleship (Hah, ship jokes) and being the strategists of this episode… You know, for someone badass-looking, you really should participate, Nagato.

So Fubuki signs on and she meets up with… some girl. And meets… another girl who goes Poi half the time. And then she meets more girls and– okay you know what I need to know who they all actually are. Fubuki then meets up with Akagi, who tells her this will be awesome.

Almost immediately, they get thrust into battle, where we are introduced to more familiar faces, like Kongou, CM Punk (Hiei), Inazuma… and I don’t know the rest. Basically Fubuki screws up, gets saved and knows she needs training. Segue into episode 2.

My personal thoughts? Not happy that Fubuki is the main character for this, but I don’t really mind it. This anime is going to be awesome I know it.


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