Otaku Blaze
Otaku Blaze was founded by Karto1989 & Halohunter in late 2008, under the original name of No-Budget Reports.  Our goal was to simply have fun making videos, until SAMC came along.
Over the next year, we changed our name, created a side-series G@MERS, headed off to events, started a collection of commentaries & came up with a new goal.
We now want to build a community of anime & manga content makers, so if you like making videos (reviews, countdowns, commentaries, etc) or just regular text features, we’d like give you a place to promote them.

I’m generally the one making all the content.  I got started in the world of anime & manga in 2002 due to my English teacher who was a major Otaku and generally seen as the coolest teacher at the school.  I got my camcorder for college work, believing it would help me improve my video filming/editing skills.  When SAMC said they were going to have a christmas party, it seemed the perfect chance to get some practice & so OBR was born.
While I still have a ton of stuff to learn & believe most of the stuff we make is rubbish, I will continue to improve OBR & G@MERS as much as I can regardless.

I’d like to think that I come up with most of the ideas when involved, some are good but impossible to make, most are bad and impossible to make, in any case I try to think of fun, original things to add wherever and whenever I can, which isn’t often.
I would think I’m an admirer of most genres, I like anime, gaming, super heroes, sci-fi, cartoons close to the same amount. I don’t know much of anything to do with the behind the scenes, development, actors or even release, I just try to enjoy the content.
In most things I try to joke, make fun of myself and if I think it’s ok, other people. The way I see it, if I can annoy a few to entertain many then why not, if only we had as many subscribers them people who hate me.
I’ve hade a rather unfortunate life, not tragic, but really unfortunate. I lost 11 years of my memory from Meningitis, I have Dyslexia that’s really bad for many things, I have Depression because of the constant let drowns in my life, and there’s a strong probability that I have Asperger Syndrome. However, with my involvement in Otaku Blaze I can create and that makes me full a little happier.

(note from Karto: Yes, I fixed the spelling errors for him.)

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