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View all my work for FTCR on deviantART

Introduction & First Experiences
HellfireComms is a group who specialise in doing commentaries over games.  They started out on Youtube before making their own site & trying to expand in various ways.

I had been watching their videos for a few years and when they opened their site I signed up just as a regular fan.  This began to change when I was told off by the group leader NTom64 for turning my introduction thread into a general chat.  Feeling like I was already on NTom’s bad side, I wanted to apologise somehow and my chance came from the sites development thread.

NTom was looking for someone to quickly edit an image for a video, thinking it was the least I could do I made the edit expecting nothing else to come of it.  In a surprising move, I was asked if I could make a site banner for the video.  The original idea was to just re-edit the same image I had just done to the correct size, but this was turned down as NTom wanted it all to be one word & told me to make it using the same font.  I searched for the right font but was unable to find it, forcing me to use a different one I’d found which looked the closest.

The “HellfireCast” banner went down well with everyone (though I did need to make a little change here & there), what came next was one of the biggest shocks I’ve had all my life.  Loving what I’d done, NTom asked me to re-design the groups main logo in a similar style.  This was a surprise as I was still fairly new to the site & there were other members who had been making banners & such since the sites launch.

Graphics Takeover

Custom Moding The Site

Summer Work

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