Otaku Blaze Reports


Frozen SAMC
The first SAMC meet & the start of Otaku Blaze. Features the interview with GP & the twin Caramelldansen.
[commentary] (Otaku Blizzard 2009)

New Start
A new look for the new year & a lot of talking.

The infamous chair game takes place during this video.

Plushie Rush
This is what happens when you give otaku sugar.

Challanges everywhere. Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, artwork, trading cards & others. This episode had it all, even LittleKuriboh.

ReCon ’09
The event that Otaku Blaze aimed to cover was eventful in its own way. Featuring the Bunny Counter & the start of Halohunter’s battle with a toy rabbit.

Business.As.Usual, kinda speaks for itself.

The Final Meet
SAMC is coming to a close, but everyone is determined to send it off on a high.

Alcon ’09 [Day 1] [Day 2] [Day 3]
Karto heads off to his first proper Anime Con in this special feature length trilogy.

ReCon 2010
ReCon returns, but something seems different.

ReCon 2011 (ver.1)
The Final ReCon takes things to a whole new level.

S-Con 2013
The first Report video in 2 years and the first on ReCon’s successor.



The Tate is a Lie
Karto, Hunter & Jason head to Liverpool to look at some odd things.

Quiet on Set
This is how TV shows are recorded.

The Deleted Episode (Anniverary Special)
A collection of deleted scenes from every previous OBR episodes.
[pt1 (2nd Anniversery)]

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