Otaku Blaze Awards

Each year during our December podcast we give out various awards to items released between the start of the Autumn season to the end of the Summer season. All the anime we’ve been watching during that time can be found in our Season Reviews.

These awards include;

-Anime of the Year-
Our main award, we each vote for the one series we’ve watched over the last year (that has concluded) which has truly impressed us. If there is a tie for the winner then those shows are placed into a public poll.
-Personal Favourite Anime-
While not necessarily the best shows we’ve watched, these are the ones we still found ourselves enjoying.
-Worst Anime-
If any of us have had to suffer through a truly awful show over the last year then it is brought up here.
-Best Game-
The games we pick may NOT have been released during the the time-frame of our other awards but we will have played them for the first time during the year.
-Worst Game-
Same criteria as best game only for the ones we wished we’d never picked up.
-Favourite Company-
If a company has been making all the right choices with one of us we’ll give them this award.
-Most Memorable Moment-
This is something a bit more personal to each of us in that it will be an event that has taken place in our lives during the year.

Previous AotY Winners
AoY - 2012 AotY - 2013AotY - 2014


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